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Our Story

Co-founded by Shannon Ward and myself, Alaina O'Donnell, The Simple Chefs was born out of a personal desire to return to good health.  After completing a physician assistant program, a doctorate in Health Sciences and practicing urgent care medicine for the past decade, I had significantly neglected my health.  Having sought help from a Phoenix naturopath, I was diagnosed with a severe cortisol imbalance.  While finding the "reason" behind my difficulty losing weight, fatigue and seemingly constant irritability was rewarding, the path to healing was just beginning.  At the advice of my naturopath, I began the life-changing decision to overhaul my diet.  I removed gluten, dairy, soy, grains and added/refined sugars.  Before long, friends and family had joined the journey.  One of those people was Shannon Ward.  Together, what started as a small project, quickly grew into a full service meal prep company and The Simple Chefs was born! 

Shannon, having lived in the Valley of the Sun since grade school, has worked in some of the most renowned restaurants and resorts in Arizona.  Together, we've set out to improve health through nutrition!  We believe that food can be viewed as form of medicine, and by avoiding certain ingredients, we can improve nearly all aspects of your overall well-being.  We practice the notion that healthy eating is simply changing the WAY you prepare food, not always eliminating it altogether.  We pride ourselves in using fresh, high quality ingredients, to create recognizable meals that everyone can enjoy.  As proud residents of Arcadia Lite, we are beyond humbled by the business you have afforded us and are truly grateful and honored to be allowed into your homes!  

Alaina & Shannon     

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